Parents'/Carers' Curriculum Meeting on Monday 22nd September 2014  5pm-6pm

WELCOME from the Headteacher

Thank you for visiting our school website. I hope that you find it useful in getting a taste of the vibrant and exciting life at Holy Trinity CE Primary School. You will be able to find general information about the school, recent communication to parents/carers and families; as well as learn about all the many creative activities and learning opportunities that our pupils and families experience in our culturally diverse school community.


We are very proud of our school, what it offers and the achievements that our pupils make due to the high quality teaching and learning that takes place. We believe that the combination of our committed and talented staff, the determination of our pupils and the support of our families and Governors help to make Holy Trinity a unique, inclusive and stimulating place to learn and belong to. We are relentless in our commitment in providing “excellence in how we worship, learn and work together!”


Take a look at all the wonderful things that happen at Holy Trinity and we hope that you enjoy the experience.


God bless you

Mr. Lascelles Haughton



"Releasing the hero inside!"   Greater is the one inside you.   1 John 4:4

This year our biblical theme is taken from 1 John 4:4 “Greater is the one inside you!” We are encouraging our pupils, staff, and school community to tap into the greater potential in all of us and to release that inner champion that lies in us all. We are thinking about Ellie Simmons, MBE who has shown that nothing can stop you from being great, not even a disability. We will share more about the work we are doing based on our school theme as the year goes on. Let us all think about releasing the hero that lies in us all!

It's time to be a HERO!

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Humility Champions


Bunny - Javarn Graham White

 Puma - Melody Ermias

Duckling - Neveah Smith

 Jaguar - Isaiah Renalls

Bear - Cory Burrowes

 Lynx - Tyra Burrows

Badger - Isabel Gomez

 Lion - Miriam Azu

Gazelle - Wolfram Smith

 Cheetah - Ronnie Lyons

Meekrat - Mikayla Kyie-Gyamfi

 Leopard - Nysha Brooks-Shaw

Panther - Kika De La Cruz

 Tiger - Emmanuel Adarkwa

Holy Trinity CE Primary is a good school

"Strong personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of the school's success and underpins pupils' good behaviour"

" Pupils achieve well from low starting points to reach above average standards at the end of Key Stage 2 and this prepares them well for secondary school"

"The school is committed to encouraging pupils and their families to learn together and this is supporting faster progress."

Parents'/Carers' Curriculum Meeting on Monday 22nd September 2014  5pm-6pm

Come and find out about the new National Curriculum, what your child will be learning this term and ways that you can further support your child's learning!

Have you receieved your copy of the new School Calendar 2014-2015?

National Inspection of Anglican Schools

"The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Holy Trinity CE Primary School as a Church of England school are outstanding."

"Positive attitudes of pupils and the excellent relationships throuoghout the school, based on Christian values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding."

"Strong Christian leadership at all levels and the centrality of prayer."